I have made my living as a sculptor since graduating from Parson’s School of Design, NYC nearly 30 years ago. Around 2006, I made a conscious decision to transition into painting, which was prompted by a series of textile designs I produced for Asprey & Co., a high end British luxury store and Tiffany & Co. I enjoyed the process so much that I kept at it, producing a series of works entitled, “Nature, Abstracted”. For the most part, they are based on abstracted botanical illustrations. Lately, I have become fond of painting on precious hardwoods - mahogany, walnut, birch and maple, supplementing the work with materials such as lacquer and white and yellow gold leaf to give the paintings an extra layer of light and luxury.

A second series entitled, “Adorned” is based on people. Who they are, how they see themselves, how the world sees them and how they adorn themselves. Each of these paintings tells a story and the best part of it is that the story changes with each person who looks at it, initiating a sort of interactive dialogue between the viewer and the piece.

If I had to use three words to describe my work, they would be:

Colour, Movement, Drama.